Tuesday, 13 March 2007


The purpose of this occasional blog is to reveal the truth that lies beneath the group calling themselves "Truth In Science".

They actively campaign to get their own narrow religious views taught in British schools - as science. Yes read that again.

They are not short of funds having sent out thousands of DVD packs to British schools and colleges last year. I do not know where these funds have come from. I will try to find out.

I am a father of three, with no formal science qualification and a full time job. So this will be an occasional series which will be limited by the time I have available. I am motivated in part by my love for science, also my love for the truth and also by a wish not to see religion taught in science classes. I am an atheist myself and firmly believe in the freedom of religion and the freedom from religion which exists in Britain today. I firmly support the teaching of a wide range of religious beliefs in schools in the UK in Religious Education classes.

If I point out scientific errors I will back this up with appropriate references - I will not be making any arguments based upon my own authority - I claim none.

I will start by going through the truth in science web site and give you a running commentary which points out the distortions , lies, hidden context and the underlying agenda behind this group.

I also run my own personal occaisional blog called Cogita Tute - Think For Yourself ;

Cogita Tute - A Sceptical Blog

Some of the early material will come from this blog.

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Dorid said...

ah, you see... THIS is why I told my kids that the UK would be no better than the US in a few years time (they want to leave here and go where people are sensible about science). So far I've been pretty happy with the UK being sucessful with keeping all sorts of nonsense out of your science texts and classrooms... I do worry, however, with the increasing pressure that it will get rough over there...

good luck with keeping science SCIENCE... here it's just a matter of finding the right pocket of schools/teachers/ administrators that aren't awash in silly religious fantasies.

Anonymous said...

What on earth makes you think they are proponents of any religion?
Creation as taught in the Bible is just as valid a theory as Evolution, in fact more valid as ther is genuine proofs behind much of what the bibl teaches compared with not a shred of evidence to support Evolution.
I challenge you to share it if you know of any.

Psiloiordinary said...

Hi Anonymous,

Because they say they are.

Do you know any science?