Thursday, 19 June 2008

Truth In Science finally come clean - Intelligent Design IS Creationism

This recent news blog posting seems to have finally let the deity out of the bag with TiS now happily equating Intelligent Design with Creationism.

This follows years of tripping over themselves to avoid the G word.

Own goal?

Well anyone observing their activities with half an objective eye knew what they were doing anyway, and their main objective was always to attract religious converts, so perhaps we might have predicted this move all along.

Of course the actual phrase "Intelligent Design" is quite new and was adopted by creationists as an attempt to remove any religious inference from creationism (that is not a joke) so as to avoid the US constitution which prevents the teaching of religion in US state schools.

Independent observers and scientists pointed out all along that ID was just Creationism in a cheap tuxedo and the US courts agreed.

Now it appears that TiS have finally given up trying to pass off this transparent and flimsy argument and are getting down to the brass tacks of proselytising for religious converts.

Do we want this in science classrooms in the UK?

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Anonymous said...

There should never have been any doubt. For proof, take a look at Andy McIntosh's "Genesis for Today", which is screamingly funny even by creationist standards.